The past few days have felt a bit like March here in the Yampa Valley. The roads are dry, the snow piles are dirty and people around town are starting to sport goggle tans. After the snowy winter we’ve already had, I know that we are all enjoying this recent burst of sunny skies and mild temperatures. Much to a few people’s dismay, we still have some of the snowiest weeks (typically) of the season to come. Until then, we will all enjoy our spring fling.

The best part about these bluebird days is that the conditions are staying pristine. Thanks to a plentiful base and consistently cold overnight temperatures, the skiing is still as good as groomer days get. I made haste of my favorite early morning runs, which included buttery delicious turns down Lower High Noon and Rolex.

Lower High Noon with a distant Hahn’s Peak in the background

The ex-ski racer in me sill enjoys a sharp edge and a fresh coat of wax. As the sun continues to cast its melting rays on our snow, a sharp edge becomes a great friend to have on your side for early morning skiing. I recently took the time to tune my skis, and already today I was happy I did. Even though the corduroy is literally perfect, lower mountain is a bit firm with “chicken heads” starting to rear their spring heads. These little balls of snow have a magical way of carrying  your ski down the hill whether you’re trying to set your edge or not.

Cyclone perfection

I chose to stay up top today, enjoying upper Rainbow and Cyclone. As I began making my way down, I could see the winter break crowds beginning to make their way up the mountain. These are the times to be extra aware of your speeds and those around you. When there are an increased amount of people on a run at one time, the personal space does diminish. Be aware of this limited space and ski with care.

Wear your sunscreen and your smile!

Brett Buckles, Alpine skier

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