‘Tis the season for fun filled days frolicking in the snow. Whether you are shooshing down the mountain or wandering through the woods on a walk-about, staying warm and comfortable is key. As we head into the Holiday Season, I wanted to share a few of my favorite clothing and equipment options. Hoping this keeps you and your loved ones nice and toasty.

Base Layers:
Often overlooked, your base layers are some of the most important elements in keeping you warm. Gone are the days of a cotton t-shirt and old, ratty long-johns. Hello, super comfy wools and body-wicking technology. Smartwool offers fabulous options for everyone in your pose, including the little ones. I opt for the 1/4 Zip Top and the Merino Bottoms.

Down, And Down Alternatives:
Anyone that knows me knows how much I love down jackets. Yes, plural. I am guilty of wearing a few on those super chilly days. In fact, a friend and I will joke about just how cold it was based on the number of down jackets we wore. The key with any light layer is making sure you have the mobility along with warmth. Whether you opt for a light, synthetic down or a traditional down the warmth will be fabulous. A few of my favorites are the Marmot Ama Dablam Jacket  and Featherless Jacket. For my kiddos, down is a must in keeping them warm in the winter months. A great option is the Marmot Kid’s Sling Shot Jacket.

Hot Head:
Not only are helmets an absolute for keeping your noggin safe, they are great for warmth! I tend to look for a helmet that doesn’t have a lot of vents as this seems to be too chilly. But, if you tend to overheat vents will help keep you cool. I have been a longtime user of Smith helmets and googles and love the comfort and fit of the Allure Helmet and I/OS Goggles.

Happy Hands and Fingers:
Since my ski racing days, I have always opted for mittens. With today’s technology and performance mittens have only improved! Whether you prefer gloves or mittens high quality is key in keeping your hands dry and comfortable. My adorable hubby has found that perfect combo with full grain leather, insulation and internal finger dividers making it easy to grab. Nelson Colorado Mittens are a must for any warm hand enthusiast.

Wishing you all a warm and wonderful Holiday Season!