Hello from a very sunny and bright Fat Tuesday in Steamboat!  It has been weird seeing the sun multiple days in a row this week, as it seems like we have had nothing but powder days most of this season.  While I am a total powder hound at heart, I do enjoy days of warm sun shining through a deep blue Colorado sky.  The mountain is very comfortable today with mild temperatures and plenty of sun shining down on the fresh corduroy for everyone to enjoy.


Because of the warming temperatures the last few days, we expected to be skiing on firm snow first thing today before the sun had a chance to warm everything up.  With much surprise, we found the groomers to be skiing great offering up soft and consistent turns on all aspects and elevations.  Although it has been sunny out there, the actual temperature still hasn’t been very high which has kept the snow in great condition.


There were surprisingly few people on the mountain first thing today, which meant more fat turns for us on this Fat Tuesday.  Typically, those who participate in the traditions of Fat Tuesday will indulge in things they love before temporarily giving it up for Lent.  I may have a hard time giving up anything ski related this year because the skiing is just simply too good.  The powder days have been fat and plenty, but these rare sunny groomer days have been pretty outstanding as well, and I don’t think I can bail on either of them.  Instead, I think I will give up sleeping in on any ski day for the rest of the season because there are only about 60 days left before the mountain closes, and I don’t want to miss anything on a year as good as this.


We sampled the goods today in the Sundown area, Storm Peak and lower mountain with all groomers offering fast and consistent turns.  The snow is very carvable and predictable, and there wasn’t a bad groomer out there today.  I would suggest waiting a bit to dive into some bumps or trees today until the sun gets a chance to warm things up, but no matter where you choose to ski on this perfectly sunny day, I am confident you will be having a very Fat Tuesday indeed.


A neat thing to keep an eye out for today is the hoar frost that has developed on the mountain over the last two days.  Hoar frost looks like giant crystals or feathers on top of the snow and is formed when humid air comes into contact with very cold snow on the ground.  It tends to form on cold, clear nights with little wind. It’s very interesting to look at — stop and check it out!


Pick of the mountain today is Sunset:  Perfectly manicured corduroy, soft snow and great views made this a winner today. Have a great day on the mountain playing in the sun!



Kevin Olsen, Alpine skier

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