The winds were blowing, the clouds were moving quickly and the air smelled like snow on Wednesday morning in Steamboat. Some may say that the horizon looked ominous, but for most skiers and riders, I’d say the horizon looked promising.

A dynamic and promising horizon with the hope of snow on the way!

Dark and dynamic skies on the horizon and a promising forecast of snow (and a lot of snow at that) are just what we need to kick off February in Steamboat Springs. As you drive to the base area, you will see the large sign that says “Think Snow!” We’ve all been thinking, dancing and wishing for snow, and based on Joel Gratz’s Steamboat Daily Snow report, the snow gods and goddesses may have just heard us.

Upper Flintlock and Sunshine Express

Moisture is expected in the valley by the afternoon on Wednesday, possibly in the form of raindrops to start, but don’t worry, there is a steady and colder snowfall expected behind that. By Thursday morning, Joel Gratz is predicting 4-8 inches of snow, which should continue throughout the day, and then ramp up again Thursday night into Friday morning. If the Steamboat Daily Snow forecast is correct, we could see more than 10 inches Friday morning, so start making your powder day plans now!

Flinlock corduroy and views of the Flat Tops

As for the current conditions, Steamboat’s amazing snowcat team is keeping the slopes in the best shape possible (and this year has been a challenge for them). The more popular and more trafficked slopes like High Noon, Tomahawk, Buddy’s Run, Rainbow, Vagabond and Heavenly Daze get more snowcat attention and remain in good shape. Some of the lesser used slopes, and especially those that are truly south-facing, have some exposed rocks or dirt in certain areas, so please use caution on that terrain.

Skiing with my 7-year-old son Wednesday morning with a foreboding horizon as a backdrop.

This morning I surprised my 7-year-old son by bringing him with me to ski, and we had so much fun together. Despite a cloudy day without fresh snow, having wide open slopes to practice his parallel turns and weight distribution was a great way to start his online school day. We found fresh corduroy on Flintlock, Tomahawk, lower High Noon, Vagabond, Lower Concentration and Swinger. The bumps on Norther were nice and relatively soft, and our favorite “secret” run through the trees was fun, which is usually guaranteed.

Our “secret” and always fun tree run (accessible from Why Not).

While the snow has been a bit lacking this winter, skiing with my two sons has remained fun, rewarding and always exciting. Seeing their improvement each and every time we ski is truly amazing, and Steamboat Resort is such a great mountain to teach your kids how to ski.

Rough Rider Basin is always a must with my kids!

Let’s hope Joel Gratz’s forecast is accurate, and hopefully we’ll all be enjoying some deep powder turns by Friday morning. After all, masked face-shots of fresh powder would be good for all of us!

Happy Wednesday!

Ski and ride with care (and with your mask properly on) and have a great day on the mountain!

Happy Wednesday!

Erin Campbell, Alpine Skier & Snowboarder

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