Just like every snowflake is different, every storm that hits Steamboat is a little different. But like a lot of the storms that hit us from the southwest, this one came in pretty warm and with a punch. The winds whipped up last night when the main squall line moved through and blanketed the mountain in a creamy layer of snow. The snow total wasn’t huge, but the 4″ we got was just the right consistency to cover up the moguls and any ice that might have been on the groomers. Like a mountain of whipped butter, the snow was light and creamy!

The mountain opened a little slowly this morning as the lift crews were getting the upper lifts cleared of ice, so instead of going straight to the top I took a lap back down Ted’s Ridge. I rarely take a lower mountain run first thing in the morning, but it was a great day to start. The snow totals were pretty much the same at the bottom and top of the mountain, so the fresh snow on the groomers down low was a nice little bonus. If you are looking for something a little more challenging down low, try out Concentration. The bumps should be just soft enough to have a good time.

Even though the upper mountain got about the same amount of snow, it was a little windier up there last night. So some areas are going to be a lot deeper than others depending on where you go. My first few runs down 3 O’clock and Priest Creek Lift line were soft for the most part, but a little variable at the top. Your best bet at the top of the mountain today is to go into Shadows and Closet. The trees are thick enough to catch the snow as it blows by and let it fall gently to the ground.

For how warm the conditions were when it fell, the snow in Closet was as good as it gets. Not too heavy like your springtime mashed potato snow, but heavy enough to bond to the harder layers underneath. It should be about the same up on East Face and pretty much any of our north facing slopes like Triangle. As I write this, the clouds are starting to clear off the mountain so get ready for a perfect blue bird Colorado day. It’s not too crowded up there either, so there should be plenty of leftovers from the morning too.


Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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