Everything is relative in this world. If you tell someone in Florida that you voluntarily got up early to go out in -9 degree weather, they might think you are crazy. However living in the mountains during the winter can skew your feelings on the cold. So when I woke up this morning and saw the frigid temps at the top of the mountain, I didn’t think much beyond putting on an extra layer. No matter where you come from, I would recommend the warmest clothes you have today because it’s cold out there.

Once you are dressed correctly you can get on to what you came here for, riding in the Rockies. We are at the beginning of a storm cycle that is going to bring up to a few feet to Steamboat, but the totals from yesterday are pretty modest. There were only a couple of inches overnight and you can still feel the crusty layer in the bumps and trees. Since the weather was in the 40’s over the weekend, the top layer of snow melted then froze creating a crust layer on the un-groomed runs. So the best move today is going to be staying on the groomed runs or waiting for the moguls to get some tracks on them.

I took a few runs from the top today and had some nice high speed groomer turns in the early morning light. However, the negative temps are pretty cold on your face even with a neck gator. So instead of braving it out on the upper mountain I came down to the lower runs to get in to the balmy 11 degree air down low. This was the right decision for the morning since the runs down low were a little softer and easier to carve on. The conditions on Vagabond and Heavenly Daze were nice this morning but a little firm. As the temp climbs throughout the day we should see the conditions improve.

Since it was too cold to take my gloves off much, here is a nice sunset from downtown the other day.

We will see a mix of sun, snow and clouds for the rest of the day today, but the real fun should start on Wednesday afternoon. A large system should move into the state and drop significant amounts of snow for about 60 hours straight until Saturday morning. So make sure to get your legs ready for the deep stuff to come.