As the next snow storm moves into Steamboat, the warm temps of the last few days have given way to single digits and cloudy skies. There was no new snow last night, but the flakes are starting to fall on mt Werner and the mountain is shrouded in a veil of clouds. Its a good day to layer up and enjoy the new snow as it falls throughout the day.

Despite the cold temps, the conditions at the top of Storm Peak were very good this morning. The visibility was low, but Buddy’s run was smooth from top to bottom with lots of corduroy still left on the edges. Although Buddy’s can get a little bumpier as the day wears on, It would still be my first choice on the upper mountain today. I didn’t find a single icy spot and the snow was firm yet carvable.

If visibility is an issue for you, I would recommend staying lower on the mountain and riding the runs from the Gondola down. The temperature is a little warmer down low and the cloud line is sitting around the gondola, so you will be able to see well on most of the runs. Heavenly Daze and Vagabond were both in good shape this morning with very few people and evenly groomed faces to ride on.

This storm will be very cold and has potential to drop 1-8″ throughout the day today. Since the air temperature is so cold, the snow will be very light and will be best to enjoyed on groomed runs unless it piles up enough to cover up the bumps. The best runs this afternoon will be on lower angle runs near the top of the mountain like Tomahawk and High Noon. Stay warm out there!