Today is an in between type of day up on Mt Werner. Gone is the sun we enjoyed yesterday and not yet here is the incoming stormy weather. What does that leave us with? flat light and chilly temps. Don’t worry though, there are always good conditions on Mt Werner if you know where to look.

Event though the recent storm totals were lower than I would have hoped, the snow was a heavier and bonded well to the current snowpack. This is good news for the grooming team since the cut up snow can be pushed into the runs and cover any ice that might have formed. This means that even with the flat lighting the groomers were tacky and good for carving turns.

The first couple of runs off Sundown lift this morning were pretty chilly but worth it to get the fresh corduroy. The temps up top are single digits and there is a steady breeze, so put an extra layer on to stay warm. High Noon is in good shape with a wide swath of corduroy and plenty of options to take for the lower half. I took runs down lower High Noon and West Side and found the conditions on lower High Noon to be a bit better.

Sunshine Lift Line

The best runs today might just be over near the Sunshine lift. The lower angle and undulating terrain can help you see better in the flat light. Sunshine lift line was riding well this morning and is a great alternative to High Noon if it starts to get crowded. Another great option is to take Tomahawk and jump off onto any of the runs that veer off to the right when you see untracked corduroy.

We should see some snow start to fall this afternoon and into tonight. While we aren’t expecting a ton of snow, the forecast is calling for 2-6 inches. There is a lot of energy in this storm so there is potential for a powdery afternoon if we get lucky.