After about a week of relatively warm weather and deep snow, it looks like the chilly weather has returned to the valley for a few days. It’s January in the Rockies, so you expect it to be cold, but the temp at the top of the mountain is just 1.2 degrees F right now, so be sure to bundle up. Once you’ve covered all of your exposed skin, you will be treated to a nice day of groomers and pockets of powder up there.

Thanks to the big snowfall totals from the last week, the coverage is great up on the mountain, so the challenge on a day like today is finding the areas that got the most snow last night. The mid mountain report said 3″ but because it was a bit windy, the snow totals can vary quite a bit depending on the slope that you are on. It seems like the wind was blowing from the west/southwest last night so some of the runs at the top of the mountain collected a good amount of snow on top of the groomed runs. After stopping to say hi to Buddy Werner at the top I went down his namesake run and found a lot of good windblown snow to play around on.

As the temps warm up a little throughout the day, some of the groomers should soften up a bit, but I think the best runs are going to be in the bumps on the edge of the runs off Storm Peak lift and Pony lift. The conditions on Tornado were pretty good with a few inches of snow on the groomed portion and pockets of deep snow in the moguls on the skiers right. If you are riding in the Sundown area, the O’clocks could have some good snow blown into them as well as the edges of Rolex. If you are looking for some steeper terrain, I think the snow up on North St Pats should be pretty deep as well.

Fortunately for us, the lull between storms is going to be pretty short. It looks like the next round of snow will make its way into Steamboat tomorrow afternoon and drop around 10-15″! It should start snowing pretty heavily around mid day tomorrow, so it will start to soften up in the afternoon and could get pretty deep by last chair. If you are just getting in to town, today is a great day to get your legs warmed up because they are going to get plenty of use over the next few days!


Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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