There is a lot going on in the world right now, but most of us here in Steamboat are wondering one thing. Where’s the snow? Although it’s been nice to have some warm sunny days afternoons as we approach the winter solstice, these next few storms will be a welcome site. Fortunately for everyone, we had some early season storms and cold temps for snowmaking. So even though the valley might look a little brown from the top of Thunderhead, the runs we have open are riding really well.

I’ve been spending most of my time since opening day taking laps down Heavenly Daze. Our marquee groomer has great coverage from edge to edge and is riding really well. With only a few runs open you might think that things would be pretty crowded coming down from the gondola, but that’s not the case this year. The social distancing happening at the base is paying dividends on the runs by keeping people spaced out. With fewer people on the Daze, there is more space for wide open carving and faster runs.

If your not quite up to the length or pitch of Heavenly Daze, then taking Rudi’s Run down to the BC lift if your best bet. You dont get as much vert, but there is a lot of variety of terrain depending on which side you ride down. Stay to the left on the upper stretch for steeper lines and a few undulating rollers. Stay to the right if you want a little more space and mellower turns. After you cross the cat track the right side is steeper and the left is easier.

Normally the high temps in the valley would be causing some melting problems at the base and creating some icy conditions in the morning. After all, temps in the low 40s in December is pretty rare for Steamboat. Much to my surprise, the snow on the lower slopes below Christie Peak weren’t icy at all this morning. The low December sun is keeping the runs from getting too warm for too long and the cold nights are perfect for the grooming team.

Early season snow conditions are almost always variable and some time they are downright dangerous. So even though we don’t have a lot open right now, I’m really satisfied with the quality of the snow we have. The runs are soft, carvable and perfect for getting your legs back in shape. So get up there and enjoy what we have because more snow and terrain is just around the corner.