My morning started with a moose in my driveway as I was trying to leave for work.  He was a gorgeous young male, and it took a lot of intentional revving to coax him out of the way.  With the path cleared, I was ready to get up skiing.  We have had some diverse weather recently: days changing from spring to winter more quickly than I can change clothes, wind that makes you want to paint it.  People around here say a lot of things about February’s weather trends, but all we can really know is that this month is unpredictable.


Today, February’s weather made for some wonderful skiing on the sort of cold, creamy snow that makes all kinds of terrain great.  The groomers that ribbon all around the mountain are fast and carvy, meaning there are plenty of uncrowded speed runs to be had.


Dipping onto a bump run that was surely sculpted by yesterday’s skiers, I found the moguls soft on top and firm underneath, just right for advanced skiers and getting softer as the day goes on.  Best were the trees. Protecting fresh turns for days after a storm, evergreens stand sentinel over gorgeous alcoves of forest that are hidden from the bustle of the slopes.  So many times I stopped today to admire the color they received from our recent days of winter sunshine.


Judging weather by the sky was hard this morning.  Oftentimes, I come into the office to write my blog and conditions are absolutely different when I leave an hour later.  At 9 a.m., I wished casually for an extra sweater, the wind was subdued, and there was a sliver of blue sky edging the valley’s horizon.  By 10, a mysterious grey cloud hovered over Storm Peak, perhaps full of snow?  NOAA predicts temperatures just below freezing and potential flakes. All I can recommend is to bring an extra sweater.

Bashor Bowl is again a happening place today.  With a U-13 freestyle race, the Maverick’s halfpipe, the NASTAR racecourse, and the nearby Rabbit Ears Terrain Park, there’s plenty of action.  Take a quick ride on the historic two-seat chairlift, and then try your hand in any of the funky terrain.

Bashor Bowl

As always, it’s a wonderful day to be skiing and a beautiful day to spend in the mountains.  Enjoy the day and be safe!


Willow Fitzgerald, Telemark skier

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