This last round of snow did a lot for the conditions up on Mt. Werner, and it looks like we have more on the way. Four Points opened this morning, and if you didn’t make it up, don’t worry: It’s still great out there. With temps ranging from -2 to +2 in the valley this morning, it took some dedication to make it out of the house, but if you did you were rewarded with the first turns of the season on Twister and Hurricane.

First Tracks on Twister
First tracks on Twister

After hearing that Four Points lift was opening this morning, I decided to forego any warm-up runs on the Daze and go straight to the lift. From the ride up, it didn’t look all that great to be honest. There are still some logs and rocks out in the runs, and there is plenty of tall grass still poking out. Fortunately for us, it didn’t matter.  Hurricane and Twister were both nice and soft and, aside from the weeds, were pretty smooth and powdery. Even after they got cut up from the morning rush, they were still riding great.

Great snow on the edges
Great snow on the edges

There isn’t a lot of terrain open off Four Points, but since there aren’t any moguls yet, it will ride well all day. On top of that, there hasnt been much wind, so all the fluffy stuff that fell is still nice and powdery. When I left, there were a lot of nice pockets of untouched snow you could jump between and some good landings if you want to air out a cat track or two. These runs usually end up with pretty big moguls by the end of the year, so I would recommend laping them until your legs turn to jelly.

Sending it!
Sending it!

While most everything I rode this morning was great, there is one mistake to be made. After seeing the first wave of people beelining it to Twister and Rainbow, we thought we would be clever and traverse over to Sunset. After all, it looked like fresh snow over there from the lift. In actuality, it was 100 feet of fresh snow then a very rocky and bumpy groomed run. We did find some good snow on the edge of the run, but I saw patrol putting in signs on the edge after we got to the bottom, so I would just avoid the whole area.

Between the cold temps and the fresh snow, it’s really starting to feel like winter in Steamboat. So get out there and enjoy the short lines, new terrain and early-season fun.


Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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