Own it

Own every turn you take. Last time I checked, when you do something with 50 percent confidence, you get a 50 percent result. When you’re turning, be 100 percent confident in your ability and your equipment. It will lead to confidence, which will lead to great success.

Rider: Travis Holland

Rock it

Throw a headphone in one ear and listen to some music that gives your goose bumps. I’m not just talking music you like but music that gets your blood flowing. I am reminded of college football, when the ball is put on the ground for the next play you need to be amped up and ready to go. What if you embraced skiing the same way and got off every chairlift ready to ski the best run of your life?

Paul Beckmann getting some freshies.

Ski with people who are better than you

The will to keep up with your peers is a healthy way to push your limits. Watch what strong skiers are doing, and try doing it yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for tips or pointers. The best ski advice I ever received was on a chairlift, when another rider told me to try to keep my hands together when I was skiing bumps, forcing me to lean forward, resulting in a more aggressive stance that allowed me to pounce on any turn.

Skier: Kevin Olsen

Just one week until opening day! It’s not too late to get your legs in shape!

Byron Carney, Alpine skier

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