I feel like I’ve talked a lot about finding leftovers on the days after storms this year. Of all the leftover days, this one is the best. Monday’s storm dropped a ton of snow, and Mt Werner is once again riding like mid-winter. Instead of tapering off early in the morning, yesterday’s storm hung around the mountain for most of the day. So even as the slopes got tracked up, things stayed soft. There is almost enough untracked snow up there to consider it a powder day on its own.

Fluffy stuff on the edges.

I started my day by sniffing out some powder stashes in the trees in the Sundown area. Even though it wasn’t bottomless like yesterday, the bumps were really soft in Twilight. With 14 inches of snow up top and cold temps overnight, most of the upper mountain is still riding great. The only areas I would avoid in Sundown are the runs that got a little thin during the last run of warm temps. Most of the lower Sundown Lift Line has downed trees and rocks that were just barely covered by the big dump. The best lines I found today on the upper mountain were the ungroomed stuff on the edge of the runs. There were a lot of powder stashes just a few feet off the run and in the edge of the trees on One O’Clock and Two O’Clock.

Even after the freshies are gone, there are other added benefits of a big storm. Groomers are riding better, moguls are nice and soft, and you can really ride with confidence that there aren’t any icy spots hiding under the rollers. After riding Sundown for First Tracks, I ventured over to Storm Peak face and enjoyed carving my way down the groomed tracks to Duster.

With fresh snow caked onto the trees and a thick cloud hanging around the top of Mt. Werner, the upper mountain had a very ethereal feeling this morning.

It looks like it’s going to get warmer over the next few days, so today is the day to get up to the mountain. The conditions are cold and soft, but if it gets above freezing today, we will start to see a bit of crust. Don’t worry though, we have another system moving into the valley Thursday, so Friday and Saturday should be nice and soft again. The season may be winding down, but these big storms make it feel like we could be riding until June.


Dan Tullos

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