It’s windy, folks. Yesterday’s bluebird sky gave way in the middle of the night to winds that sounded pretty ferocious. It’s still blowing, but the mighty wind has delivered its promised storm with all its pretty flakes.

Alas, the gondola and the upper mountain high-speed quads are on a brief hiatus this morning. As ski patrol explains, it’s a minute-to-minute situation, and they’re out there helpfully pointing everyone in the right direction. If the storm settles in and the howlers subside, all the uphill rides will open. In the meantime, enjoy the classic lifts because the only terrain you’re not accessing by lifts at the moment I write this is Morningside.

Rising into the storm on Thunderhead

It’s snowing like mad up high! Don’t be dismayed by the gauntlet at the base because there’s a ton of fun snow that’s untouched up there. Honestly, the only daunting line was at Christie. I waited about two minutes at Thunderhead, and there wasn’t a soul ahead of me at Four Points or Bar U.E. Get on up!

This is how it looks up high:

Big flakes and lots of ’em!

And this is how this string of storms feels for all the happy powder pigs out there:

Newton blisses out on pow, too

As if the Olympics don’t have you plenty fired up, and you need another reason to get out and get after some fresh snow today, we’re skiing for George and Abe. I have serious doubts either of our esteemed presidents ever rode a mountain with sticks on his feet, but it’s their holiday, and we’re all mighty grateful for a bonus Monday on the mountain.

I took cues from the weather and headed for runs on Cyclone and Vortex. The wind left the snow creamy, and there wasn’t a track to be found. Plus there’s an inch of fresh from overnight and more coming down. Also, there are some really weird, protected spots swirling around the mountain. It was eerily calm on both those runs.

Sliding in solo at Four Points

This is such a fun few weeks to be skiing, riding or seeking your inner skater. Late nights with the Olympics give snow enthusiasts infinite inspiring reasons to get off the couch. My personal favorite so far is Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club snowboarder and skier Ester Ledecka. She skis and rides for the Czech Republic, but since she trains here, we claim her among our Steamboat family, too.

The broadcasters blew off Ester’s gold medal run, then had to break into prime time ice skating to reveal an upset at the super-G. Yep, a Steamboat-trained snowboarder beat Lindsey Vonn on skis. I don’t know who was more surprised: Ester or NBC? This week, the dual-sport contender dons her snowboard for the parallel giant slalom. Go get ‘em, girl!

As for the rest of you, bundle up and go get some freshies today!

Jennie Lay, Telemark skier

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