I’ve said it again and again: Don’t totally rely on the 5 am snow report. Here’s my morning routine:

  1. Call 5 am snow report: 970-879-7300
  2. LOOK OUT THE WINDOW (This is the critical step many miss. Is it snowing?)
  3. Check the Champagne Powder Snow Cam®
  4. Go skiing or riding

If you followed these simple steps this morning, you would have been greeted at the top by this:


Like most, I was a bit deflated this morning when I heard the 1″ report and saw Snowy Range ski area in Wyoming report 20″ of fresh.  If you just looked at the snow reports, Steamboat looked like it was a doughnut hole in the middle of the storm.  Have faith, people! It was snowing from 5 am and continues on-and-off as I write this. Steamboat has a sneaky way of producing amazing conditions that don’t show up on paper. Today is the perfect example.


A word to the wise, go to the top today. I went into the Weasel Trees (off Why Not – advanced skiers only because the exit is tricky) and found a crunchy layer of ankle biter snow below the couple inches of fresh. It was warm last night, so stick to the groomers on lower mountain.


Unless you live at the Storm Peak Laboratory at the top of the mountain, you can’t tell how deep it is at the tippy top. Trust me, it’s DEEP. I met up with a friendly group of Canadians from Toronto who can ski and ride! This adventurous group wanted to explore the North St. Pat’s area and took a ropeline-left path down to the goods.

The goods were good today. Easily 7″ of buttery powder greeted us as we crested above the steep powder field. Every turn was nearly knee deep and loaded onto the steep face. Clouds of powder blew into the air as each skier and rider slashed through each turn. In true Steamboat fashion, the snow was light and the smiles were huge!

The mountain is empty this morning. There’s plenty of untracked powder waiting for you. Go get it!


Signing off from the Straight Talk Desk,

Meghan Lutterman, Alpine skier

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